4 Ways the Colour Blue Affects Your Mind & Body

You might not be aware of it, but everything that surrounds you — from scents to sounds to food — can impact your body and your mind. Even something as simple as the colour of an item can change the way you interact with the world or with other people. Just take a look at these four ways the colour blue affects your mind and body.

1. Blue can suppress your appetite

Other than having a deep effect on your emotions and behaviour, the colours associated with your food can shape your appetite. A great example is how green foods are closely related to healthy eating and fresh ingredients. The colour blue, on the other hand, directly impacts your appetite. Since the colour is affiliated with calming and soothing sights — like the sky or the ocean — it's said to do the same to your metabolism and your body too, curbing your appetite in the process.

2.  Blue combats hypertension

Researchers who have investigated the human body's response to coloured light came to one surprisingly conclusion when studying the impact of the colour blue: it battles hypertension. Since deaths from high blood pressure — also known as hypertension — are so widespread and on the rise, a lot of research has been conducted into its causes and treatments. One of the results was that blue light has the potential to produce more nitric oxide in a human body without damaging one's DNA, helping to reduce high blood pressure.

3. Blue calms you down

As stated above, the colour blue is often related to the soothing sights of nature. Nothing is more relaxing than the sound and picture of a calm blue ocean, river, lake or the sights of a blue summer sky. When asked how the colour blue makes them feel, people often answer with adjectives like calm, serene, secure, tranquil, peaceful, and so on. While some perceive it as a cold and icy colour, blue still manages to soothe your mind and calm your body, just like the sights it's affiliated with.

4. Blue makes you trustworthy

What could possibly be the relation between colour and people's trust? The answer can be as easy as it can be complicated. Not only is blue associated with security by many people, but it has also been part of a term that has been used to describe trustworthiness for a long, long time. The term "true blue" has been used since the Late Medieval Period. It came from the town of Coventry in England, which was brought to fame by its talented dyers. They were known as the best producers of blue cloth that could be trusted to never fade. Hence, the phrase "as true as Coventry blue" was birthed — later shortened to "true blue" — and passed down generation to generation.

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You might not be aware of it, but everything that surrounds you — from scents to sounds to food — can impact your body and your mind. Even something a